The New York Times Gets it Right

This Sunday’s New York Times real estate section profiles South Orange, N.J. in the Living In column. The joint school district of South Orange and Maplewood feature some of James Betelle’s finest school designs and continue draw young families today.

In the article, Dave Caldwell, a Maplewood resident, correctly notes Columbia High School as “…an 80-year-old Collegiate Gothic building that sits a block from the South Orange border.” A brief description, to be sure, but one that is often wrong (it was completed in 1927, not earlier, and is in Maplewood, not SO).

Kudos to Caldwell and the Times from this stickler of a Betelle historian.

One thought on “The New York Times Gets it Right

  1. Cathy Bataille

    Here’s what I want to know (as a next-door-neighbor of South Orange living in Maplewood.) Was James Betelle’s name originally Bataille but amended in Ellis Island (like so many others?) Many people mispronounce my last name as if it were Betelle. Just wondering. My family has lived in and around this area since the late 1800’s, I think.

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